What Banneker is Doing to Celebrate the Holidays

As winter approaches, the Student Government Association at Benjamin Banneker High School has been making plans for upcoming events to celebrate the holidays.

In past years, the school has held a winter ball during this time, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the winter ball has been postponed or canceled for the year, according to Mr. Gazda, a teacher and sponsor of student council.

The student council has planned a series of events as part of a spirit week to bring the school community together and do fun activities before the break.

Starting on Wednesday, Dec. 8, the student council will be selling candygrams to let students send candy canes to their friends or loved ones. Each candygram is $1 and will be sold during lunch, either in the cafeteria or the learning center. Each candygram comes with a card where you can write a note to the person you will be giving it to.

Additionally, from Dec. 20 to 22, the student council will be hosting a holiday spirit week. During the following days there will be an activity during the lunch break which students can sign up and participate in.

On Monday, Dec. 20, students will be participating in whiteout day, where students and teachers will dress up in white outfit to represent winter. The event during this time will be a present-wrapping contest, where Banneker students would sign up and race to see who can wrap a present the fastest.

On Tuesday, Dec. 21, students will be participating in ugly sweater day, where students will show up with their favorite holiday-themed sweater. During lunch, there will be a fashion show where students can show off their flashy sweaters. After the fashion show, there will be karaoke. Students will be able to sing their favorite holiday songs.

On Wednesday, Dec. 22, students will be participating in holiday color and character day, where students will wear holiday-colored clothes or a holiday-themed costume. During lunch, there will be a holiday-themed musical chair event, where students can sign up and play musical chairs with Christmas music.