Advice for Underclassmen

Me and some of my close friends in junior year

Dear Underclassmen,

Life the next few years at Banneker is going to go by faster than you can even imagine. You’re going to experience a lot of different emotions. So make sure you take care of your mental health because Banneker can be overwhelming and it can break you and give you a lot of stress, and the stress doesn’t get easy to handle. Make sure you don’t overstress yourself because most times you’re just stressing over the small stuff and that isn’t really necessary. You’re going to lose friends and you’re going to gain friends; you might even get closer to the ones you’re already close with. Not every friend you made from the beginning will be there in the end. It is going to stay in your life in high school, so make sure you surround yourself with those you know are going to stay in your life for a long time. Stay away from drama or any negativity in your life when you are at Banneker because it is not worth your time or energy; you have bigger things to worry about — like your grades. When it comes to grades and completing assignments, try to turn in most of your assignments on time if not all because it’s not always possible to turn in your assignments on time. Don’t lack on your work because, in the end, it will catch up on you and you will have endless assignments to turn in the end. Try to be as motivated as possible because here Banneker you start to lose motivation to finish work as you go through the school year. Make sure you have an active social life, don’t make Banneker your entire focus, have fun whether that is joining clubs or doing things outside of school. Everyone at Banneker needs motivation in order to get through. Whether that motivation is your family, friends or anything else that might motivate you, it will help you do better and it will help you succeed at Banneker. It’s important to escape from the academics of Banneker, so learn to have a social life. Find ways to not make Banneker consume your life and learn to enjoy your high school experience. To the future seniors, you’re going to have a lot of stress this next year, so make sure you’re alright and ask yourself if you’re  okay. To the future juniors, make sure you don’t overwork yourself. Finally, to the future sophomores, good luck and make sure you focus on yourself, too. Hope you all do amazing and take this advice.

  • From the Senior Class of 2022