The New Building: How We Got It and What It Represents

Back Banneker’s move   

Back Banneker’s Move was a multiple day movement starting in 2019 that has led to the building we’re all in now. Everyone wanted to see a change in the conditions of the school that houses the #1 students in DC. The mayor promised Banneker a new building at an old junior high school site and other community members wanted the junior high school site to be a middle school for the neighborhood. The council was deeply divided on the issue, and students had to talk to council members and media to show how badly we needed a new building. So #BackBannekersMove became a slogan for people to start a conversation. It also became the reason a lot of Banneker students are interested in advocacy.  

Representation of the new building  

The current building located on 1600 9th street is bigger than the old building and has a more open platform. It is overall better for student learning and holds a special place for seniors because of how hard they fought to get it. The current 2022 seniors were freshman when they fought for the new building in hopes of being in it for their senior year. COVID came and took half the seniors’ sophomore year and their whole junior year, so coming into a new building was on most peoples’ minds. Just seeing the seniors and classes ’19, ’20, and ’21’s hard work has been inspirational.