My Very First and Last Field Trip


Yesterday, June 8, was my very first field trip here at Banneker. After 4 long years, I finally was able to go on a field trip. I went with my journalism class to the WAMU/NPR building to get a tour and feel of what it’s like to be a radio journalist.

To get there, we had to take the train, which was a pretty smooth ride being that the train is known for being busy. The building was located near the American University campus. When we first got there, we were introduced to Paige Osburn who conducted the tour. Her welcoming demeanor made the tour worth it.

We were able to see where exactly the different shows are recorded and see where the engineers sit. Before entering, we were warned about the buttons and not pressing them. When standing there, I couldn’t help but notice the plentiful buttons that I couldn’t press, unfortunately. After that, we were introduced to the different producers and Jenn White who is a host on the daily talk show, 1A. The tour then turned into a Q&A. We spoke about different things related to controversy, how journalists try to stay unbiased, and multiple ways to host an interview. After we were done with the Q&A, we were able to complete the tour and get a motivational speech on how this could be us one day.

This field trip was very bittersweet knowing that this would be my last field trip of high school though it was my first.