Hoodie Season is Back at Banneker

With fall season sneaking up on us on September 22 in this 2022 year, many people have started to bring out hoodies in a variety of colors, shades, and styles. While the temperature is slowly dropping, the need for coats is expeditiously approaching. 

With this season being one of the favorites for students, there is nothing like a good quality hoodie and you can never have to many of them. 

Nazia Edwards,  Class of 2023

“I love the idea of hoodie season because it gives me another opportunity to freely express myself,” said senior Nazia Edwards  sporting her blue, red, and white sweater. “The different styles, colors, fabrics, and brands showcase my uniqueness. Sometimes, I don’t even have to announce myself when I walk in a room, my hoodie does it for me ! #HoodieSZN”

Junior students are all smiles as they are wearing an array of different styles and colors that give them their own distinctive personas.

Jayden Settles, Alexander Maldonado Flores, Yohannes Rowell, K’miyah Harrison, Elyana Belete, Jefferson Valladares Martinez (left to right), Class of 2024

Many students have showed up and showed out for hoodie season. Just around the corner is coat season. Many cannot wait to see what these students have in store to shake up the school with their uniqueness.