Halloween – Yay or Nay?


Halloween is one of those love hate holidays. For some, it goes against their religion or beliefs, and for others, it’s a fun holiday where you can get free candy. Regardless of the reasoning, I wanted to know what people would be doing on October 31 this year.

I asked people their plans for Halloween. Surprisingly, most people said they had no plans. Because October 31 was on a Monday, most people treated it like a regular day.

However, some people will not let this obstacle stop them.

While most people said they were likely to stay home and watch scary movies, other people were planning on attending Halloween parties, going trick or treating, and going to a pumpkin patch. With Halloween famously being associated with dressing up, I wanted to know if Banneker students would be participating in this tradition. Short answer, no. A bulk of Banneker’s student body either weren’t into it or they haven’t invested enough time into getting a costume.

Regardless of how you chose to spend this Halloween, I hope y’all stayed safe and beautiful.