Banneker students and teachers have mixed feelings about virtual learning


Aniyah Washington

As the first advisory of online learning unfolds, students and teachers are experiencing stress and disrupted schedules, however some  actually enjoy being at home. This year school became extremely different with CNBC reporting that “over 52% of students across America are virtual learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Numbers in the U.S. have been on the rise. With infections across the country increasing, officials in Washington and other major cities made the decision to keep students at home until further notice.

This time is overwhelmingly difficult for not only learners, but also for high school teachers.

Sara Arndt, an English teacher at Banneker, said virtual learning may be especially hard for high school freshmen, who have not had the chance to get to know their teachers and classmates in person.

“Ninth graders will have a harder time since they are in a transitional period and it will be hard for them to trust their peers and teachers,” Arndt said.

Besides new freshmen, many seniors are also frustrated that their last year of high school will lack many anticipated activities such as in-person prom and graduation.

“Being a senior, it’s a little sad since I’m missing out on my senior festivities,” said Monica Walters. “I really wanted to see all my friends since it was our last year and also graduation would be an important day. However, I truly enjoy being in my own house.”

“It seems more difficult now,” said senior Kadena Cozart. “Since I’m not around my friends to keep me on track, it has become more difficult to keep focused.”

Monica Walters’ home workspace provides a feeling of comfort and also enough space for her to work effectively. (Monica Walters)

One thing that many students have in common is their organizational techniques and how their routines are slowly shifting back to normal.

Many students have customized their desks and workspaces at home to help them do school work. For example, Walter’s desk is filled with things she loves from TV shows, family, her favorite music groups, and pictures of her artwork.

Junior Alexa Iraheta says her set-up is her “MacBook on [her] desk and a big monitor on a drawer.”

Even students who don’t have access to a desk are finding creative ways to make sure their work gets done, even if sitting in the living room.