COVID-19 derails student athletics


Amoura Wood

High school athletes in Washington are facing an uncertain season after the school district’s athletics association postponed all sports at least until January 2021. On July 16, DCIAA sports announced it had postponed interscholastic athletics due to the ongoing public health crisis. 

The school year has begun and DCIAA sports has decided to keep sports suspended, but encourages coaches and athletic directors to continue to virtually engage with student athletes.

Banneker student athletes are already a little upset with this school year being virtual.

Senior Jade Kay, a member of the cheer team, said she is trying to maintain a positive attitude in order to get through this epidemic.

“I’m trying to hope for the best and make the best of what I can right now,” Kay said.

Senior Eniyah Brown, a member of the girls’ basketball team, which came in second in last year’s DCIAA championship, said she isn’t sure if the season will be virtual or not, but hopes it won’t be.

“I’m looking forward to playing and hopefully winning states this year,” Brown said.

Senior Maryori Maloney believes there will be no softball season this year and finds this troubling because she misses “the team, the workouts, the field and using [her] glove.”

The softball team won their first and only game of last year’s season.

Due to the outburst of the coronavirus in March 2020, the softball team’s season was cut short. Luckily, they were able to fit in one game in which they emerged victorious.

Though DCIAA has announced that sports will return next year, it is unclear if they will be virtual or not.

“A reassessment on the resumption of athletic activities will occur in October, and updates will be shared as soon as they are available,” DCIAA announced on their latest post on Aug. 31.

DCPS has announced that it will reopen Nov. 6, but no one knows if that will change due to the increased chance of a second wave due to the upcoming flu season. 


DCIAA announcement in July of 2020

Winter season sports (basketball, indoor track and field, cheerleading):

             First practice December 14                         Games from January to February 28

Fall season sports (cross-country, football, soccer and volleyball)

            First practice February 1                             Games from February 22 to April 16

Spring season sports (baseball, softball, tennis, track and field, ultimate disc, chess)

            First practice March 29                               Games from April 19 to June 13