Seniors dealing with stress during their last year

Seniors in their last year of high school have been experiencing heavy workloads, plus preparing themselves with the college application process. Stress levels are at an all-time high, but the class of 2021 has found ways to cope with the overwhelming pressure of the Covid-19 school year.

“I get stressed every day; stress is constant at Banneker,” says senior Angelique Brunson. “The amount of work is the reason for most of my stress.”

Some students have chosen meditation as a way to relax and become more self-aware of what pressures a person feels and how to deal with them.

Brunson has found her way to meditation through trial and error. She says she feels like she is “in a different realm” when she meditates.

Meditation is a common practice of stress relief because it’s free and only requires a quiet space where someone is able to clear their heads.

Another low-cost stress relief is spending time with your pets.

Samiyah McDuffie, a senior, said that her dogs, King and Pebbles, provide support to her.

“When I’ve had a rough day, I usually lay on the couch, and King will come to lay beside me and put his head on my leg,” said McDuffie. “It’s really peaceful to just sit and lay together.”

Banneker seniors have been trying their best to make their 2020-2021 school year seem normal without their mental health deteriorating.

For those who don’t have a loving pet, many seniors like Tiffany Rosales have chosen to catch up with favorite movies and shows on Netflix to help them relax.

“The main cause for my stress is trying to balance doing school work, college applications, and applying for scholarships,” says Rosales. “Watching shows or movies makes me feel better and gives me a break from whatever I’m worried about in the day.”