Living Life As A Black Man

Living Life As A Black Man

As A Black Man I Leave HOME PLATE

Then run around this FIELD of Life

Knowing my life can come to a SHORTSTOP

Waiting to get back HOME where it is “Safe”

But, even if I do make it HOME “SAFE”

I’m just waiting in line to RUN again

Hoping once again, to make it HOME

Where it is “SAFE”


This world is a casino with the game of life

And my life is on the table, gambling for it

Like i’m rolling dice

And as a black man I’m already down bad

I’m in this world of black vs. blue

And it Seems like Black boys have to be cops

To avoid being killed by a cop wearing a badge


Breonna Taylor and George Floyd 

have already been Struck out:

The color of my skin and being a Man

Are my 2 strikes, 1 more than I’m out

I’m hoping the person with the glove behind me

Is ready to catch my body when it drops

As the person who is throwing the shots

Uses his nine to take me out in 1 shot


Why do I have to keep on swinging?

Is it So that it won’t be ball game

And so I have a slight change Of living

Why must I keep on running?

You hate me so much but yet my life is WANTED

So ask yourself who or what are you really hunting?


As a Black Man why should I

Be afraid to wear the color of my skin

I always thought in my own eyes

My skin protected me from the illness trying to get in


You go home because you got a family to feed,

Sometimes Black Man don’t go home because they can’t afford to take care of the family they breed

Or sometimes they don’t go home because somehow they end up begging on their knees

Pleading for their lives saying, “Mama!! I can’t breathe”


But y’all are not only out for our blood

Y’all are out for necks

Even after George y’all won’t stop

So I guess you’re coming for me next