New Banneker construction on-schedule


The new Banneker structure is mostly built, with updates to the interior beginning this winter.

The new Banneker building is set to open for use in August of 2021. Pictured below are the second floor interior and the land where it is being built at 9th and Rhode Island Ave NW.

This year’s seniors were sophomores and the juniors were ninth graders when the Banneker community came together at the Wilson Building to advocate for the funding for a new school.

The new school will allow the Banneker program to grow to as high as 800 students. Currently, enrollment at Banneker is in the mid-500s.

More information can be found on the Banneker High School Modernization Project website.

The new building will feature a large open space in the center, surrounded by classrooms on flour levels.
As schools remain mostly closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the new Banneker building is being constructed.