Three changes to keep after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an overwhelming impact in places all over the world which has changed life as we know it. Many people around the world have been affected by coronavirus and it continues to get worse with 17,392,618 reported cases of coronavirus and 314,577 reported deaths. Despite all the negative impacts caused by COVID-19 there are still some positive outcomes and changes to normal life during these hard times. After the introduction of COVID-19 people were encouraged to take extreme hygiene precautions when leaving the house or out in public. Using proper hygiene should be continuous even after COVID-19 is gone, using electronics for school work and concerns for mental health .

With the introduction of COVID-19 the practice of maintaining good hygiene in places has increased and this practice should continue to be used. Many schools and other buildings haven’t been keeping their buildings as clean as they should have been causing many negative impacts in school. Continuing the practice of cleaning school buildings often would help prevent people from getting sick from any disease or virus, not only COVID-19. Having a clean school building will also help increase the performance of students with them knowing they are in a safe environment. A dirty environment in a school building could cause students to be uncomfortable and distracted from a task which is why keeping good hygiene in schools even after COVID-19 is important. 

Not only should good hygiene be upheld in schools but also having online classes or work. Everyday electronics are being developed and having online classes or work could sometimes be beneficial to the students. Studies have shown that the practice of online learning leads to better time management, expanding students’ knowledge on technology and developing students’ critical thinking. Having to join an online class improves students’ time management because it forces them to remember when their classes are and to be on time, unlike in school where they are told when the class starts by the ring of a bell. Online learning also increases students’ knowledge on technology because it forces them to use technology in ways they haven’t used before and increases their usage of technology causing them to become more familiar with the device. 

Mental health should continue to be a top priority and concern even when the virus is gone and life is back to normal. Mental health problems could interfere with students’ studies and work. It is important to always check on people to see how they are doing to make sure they are okay. Having mental health issues could affect a student’s energy level, concentration, and mental ability while completing school work which could affect a students overall performance. COVID-19 has caused an increase in mental health problems and also the concern for people’s mental health that wasn’t getting as much attention before. 

Overall even with the negative impact caused by COVID-19 there were still some positive outcomes and methods that should be continued even after the virus is gone. Continuing to use proper hygiene methods and using electronics for school work should be continuous because of the many benefits they have.