Students and Staff Cling to Hope for Spring Sports


Mr. Nguyen

Last year, the Banneker girls basketball team was runner-up in the DCIAA championship. This year, basketball did not happen.

 This school year has definitely been an interesting rollercoaster ride. It’s also likely to be one of the most difficult for student-athletes across the nation in a long time. Many students in our Banneker community are wondering what the current status of sports is.

A meeting was recently held on February 9 listing updates and detailing further actions of what to look forward to in the coming season for Banneker sports. 

We have seen the direct effects of the COVID-19 pandemic lead to the inability of students to participate in regular physical activity. Fewer and fewer students are participating in sports, and physical activity encouragement only goes so far. 

However, despite the struggle and setback with the pandemic, Ms. Sherry Francis, the one in charge of directing and managing Banneker sports, has made it her goal to make sure students are informed and have an opportunity to participate in some form of physical activity this year. 

In this meeting, which took place during the advisory period, a number of details were covered. Ms. Francis initiated by reminding everyone that fall and winter sports were canceled, and that the hope is that the spring season for sports may be set in motion soon. 

Sports for the spring season include outdoor track and field, tennis, softball (girls), and our newest addition to the sports list, girls’ flag football. 

It was made clear that the school is simply going by the Mayor’s regulations, which declares that the city is in a state of emergency until March, and that athletics will be pushed back until a safe and feasible solution is set in place. Coaches are also currently meeting with members of the DC Interscholastic Athletic Association (DCIAA) to discuss technicalities. 

Unfortunately, there is some bad news for our fellow cheer and soccer players; the following sports have been on hold for the entire year and there is nothing to report.

The meeting concluded with once again, the emphasis of the staff trying to have a realistic understanding of what the plan is with each sport, and a reminder that we will hear updates soon. Further, Ms. Francis mentioned that it is crucial that all students who wish to participate in sports have their up-to-date medical documents ready for submission and review. 

Safety is the top priority in this situation, but we also have to prioritize our physical health!