COVID-19 Vaccine Brings Hope to DC Resident


Everyone around the world has been doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Recently there has been a release of multiple COVID-19 vaccines that are now available to certain individuals. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the vaccine about the effectiveness and dangers of taking it. Ahmad Issac is one of those individuals that had access to the vaccine.

Issac said COVID-19 had a big impact and change on his social and work life. “Tuesday, this week, marks a year since I came home and never went back to the office and been working from home since,” said Issac. lt has been difficult for him to adjust to the new working style. 

However, he said, “COVID kind of forced me into teleworking. And now I enjoy working from home.” Not only did COVID-19 affect his work but it also affected his social life and prevented him from doing a lot of the things he planned to do, like traveling. Issac believes that COVID-19 has changed the lives of everyone around the world and he thinks the vaccines are the most effective way to go back to our normal lifestyles.

Even though Issac was hesitant and had doubts about getting the vaccine when first presented with the opportunity, he said he still believes taking the vaccine is something “that I need to do to be able to protect myself, protect my family, protect my colleagues at work, and protect the community.” Issac only describes a soreness in his shoulder where he was pierced after taking the vaccine. 

He said that he believes that the second dose of the vaccine is more serious than the first so he is more concerned about the next shot he has to take. Overall Issac said that every American or anybody else eligible for the vaccine should take the opportunity.