What Are Banneker Kids Wearing This School Year?


Since the beginning of the school year, we’ve seen a large variety of fashion trends, brands, and styles. While Banneker will never compare to the Euphoria outfits, I’d say we have a lot to offer. Let’s see what Banneker Bulldogs have been wearing since the beginning of the school year. 

Anthony Pascacio, class of 2026

Starting off is Anthony Pascacio, class of 2026. Anthony gets his outfit inspiration from Pinterest, a social media platform where you can share images, and Tyler the Creator, hip hop artist. I hope to see more trendy fits from Anthony in the future.

Kingston Fuller, class of 2026

Next up is eccentric, funny, and stylish, Kingston Fuller. Kingston likes spending his free time with his friends and playing card games. On this particular day, Kingston presented the school with a brown Brooklyn sweater, a white t-shirt to go underneath, a pair of medium wash jeans, along with a pair of black and white Nike high dunks.

Moving onto the next one, Aniyah Drake. Aniyah, a former cheerleader, is part of the class of 2025 and has been into fashion for as long as she remember. Aniyah’s love for fashion has evolved and made her the lovable, fashionable person she is now.

Aniyah Drake, class of 2025


Roonesha Smith, Class of 2024

In her junior year of high school, we have Roonesha Smith. As you can see, she is wearing a black graphic tee with accents of red that are present all throughout her outfit. Roonesha states that her favorite items of clothing are purses and sneakers.


Raea Jordan, class of 2023

Last, but certainly not least, is from the class of 2023, Raea Jordan. Though Raea is laidback, when necessary, she serves looks. In this picture taken in Raea’s lovely bathroom, we can see Raea in a gray crop top with a black collar and sleeves. Accessorizing with a chain belt, Raea is  ready for her final year of high school.