Banneker’s Response to Post-COVID


Post-COVID-19 Banneker students and staff are conflicted over how to deal with the pandemic aftermath.

On September 20, 2022, Joe Biden declared that the coronavirus pandemic was over. “If you notice, no one is wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape,” he said on 60 minutes. 

But health experts have said that COVID isn’t going away soon and that it could get worse. Deseret News reported: “Top Biden administration officials stressed that COVID-19 continues to be a threat following the president’s controversial comments.”

When COVID started, it impacted not only Banneker but DCPS as everything went virtual, which affected students and staff. But due to the lift of the mask mandate and Joe Biden declaring that the covid pandemic is over, DCPS, including Banneker, has allowed students and staff to be free from wearing masks

Banneker doesn’t require masks in schools, but it isn’t necessarily safe for everyone. COVID still has impacts, with 16 cases reported on September 30, and even if vaccinated, it can spread to those who aren’t and make them sick. 

Mostly all students don’t wear masks, while some choose to either because of a parent or personal decision. Mr. Goldfarb, one of the most seasoned Banneker teachers, says, “It’s very frightening” and “I know I’m old, but my time isn’t up yet.” Some of the other faculty still wear their mask inside, while most other teachers choose not to wear a mask, and it’s the same with students at risk of getting COVID.

As Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told reporters at a New York event, “I think the president was reflecting what so many Americans are feeling and thinking. COVID has disrupted our lives for so long, but we’re also finding that with these effective vaccines, masking, and the efforts to protect our children, and seniors, we are learning how to cope with this virus.”