Banneker Limits Senior Privilege Again


All across D.C., administrators permit their senior classes to have senior privileges to honor them for their hard work throughout their high school years. Typical privileges include half-day schedules, senior trips, senior areas within the school building, and more.

Banneker students, however, feel that they do not have these privileges that are given at other schools.

“Seniors deserve additional rights, and should have a say so in these rights,” said senior Tyiah Littman. “In order to prepare for college, we should be granted privileges that actually matter.” 

So far during the school year, many seniors have made their frustration clear that they are not used to experiencing what these other students experience at other schools. Seniors from other schools such as KIPP DC College Preparatory, McKinley Tech, and Ballou Senior High School enjoy the senior privileges that they are rewarded with and wouldn’t change anything about it. 

“I enjoy going to KIPP College Preparatory. We get all the senior privileges that we need. We get senior schedules, senior trips, and we do other fun things throughout the school year,” said Kendra Richardson, a senior at KIPP. “I think they do this because they know we are young adults who deserve a break sometimes.”

From the outside looking in on these other schools, Banneker seniors are only partially satisfied with how they have made advances within the school building.

“I actually feel bad for students at other schools, because it isn’t fair,” said Richardson. “We already have enough stress, preparing for college.”