Banneker’s Technology Causes Distress Upon The Students

Students at Banneker have been having issues with the school’s computers and Wi-Fi speed since the first week of school. Multiple inconveniences have been heard around the school within classes as well as outside of them during the lunch periods and advisory periods.

These inconveniences have affected the total work students have been able to complete, therefore hurting the students’ work time and plans.

Omar Mousa, a 12th grader, said, ”The Wi-Fi is really bad. Even when trying to work in class, it won’t load.”

This struggle isn’t shared only among twelfth graders either. Morgan Fennell, a 10th grader, said, “It’s a constant daily struggle that’s frustrating.” 

Not only has the Wi-Fi been the issue, but more of the upperclassmen have stated the size of the laptops are unsatisfying. Compared to the previous school year where the laptops were tablets with keyboards, weighing a considerable amount less.

“The laptops are an annoyance to carry around,” said Mia Douglas, a 12th grader. “Of course everyone will get used to the weight, but it feels like my bag gains five pounds whenever I put my laptop and charger in it.”

Teachers are complaining, too. Mr. McFadden, an English teacher at Banneker, said it has been hard to put in grade and access My AP Classroom. “Wi-Fi is the worst,” said Mr. McFadden.

Sometimes teachers cannot continue with their lesson the way they want to, which could possibly affect how they want their students to learn.

Ms. Garcia, a Science teacher at Banneker, even had to talk with Mr. Ductai, a teacher and technology assistant, about the Wi-Fi.

“It’s very bad. Kids can’t get on simple websites. I think they should get a list of all the websites teachers use like Lumio or College Board and try to figure out the problem,” said Ms. Garcia. “I spoke to Mr. Ductai so I feel like he should call people and get it fixed. Students are constantly not able to do work on College Board which is a problem.”

Despite the challenges, Banneker students and teachers have been doing what they can to work with the Wi-Fi so far throughout this school year.