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Heating and Ventilation within Benjamin Banneker



The heating and ventilation at Banneker is a controversial subject, to say the least. There is no one temperature (or temperature range) that satisfies everyone; it’s either too cold, or too hot, but never just right.

Students complain about “how freezing the gym is” or “how cold the fourth floor is.” 

These problems have been addressed to Ms. Daniel, who considers herself the “puppetmaster” of the ventilation system. 

“The entire schools temperature ranges from 72-74,” said Ms. Daniel. Knowing the nature of the ventilation and air conditioning in the school, gives students a better basis for understanding how our ventilation operates.

Teachers however, can manage the thermostat in their own rooms for their comfortability (at the expense of students). Purveying the illusion that the school is cold when it’s really just teachers’ rooms.

At the end of the day with the variable weathering within the school with our schools temperature. Perhaps the best way to appreciate the elements within the tumultuous temperatures at school, is to dress for the whether.