LatinX Assembly Ends Hispanic Heritage Month With a BANG!


On October 14, the LatinX Club held their annual Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly. The assembly included a wide variety of LatinX cultures. The assembly displayed different foods, dresses, and dances to inform the student body of multiple countries’ respective cultures. Students were asked to embrace their culture, and even if you weren’t Hispanic, you could still participate. Many students submitted videos of their dances and foods they made which made the event feel more inclusive within the Banneker community. Below are photos of performances taken from the event.








Overall students and faculty enjoyed the event. Physics teacher Mr. Zimmerman said to members of the club, “You guys did great! It was a nice performance.”

To end Hispanic Heritage Month, the members of the LatinX Club were happy and fulfilled with their performance. All their hard work and practices during lunch paid off. While everyone else ate, the members had had practices everyday since the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month.