The vice principal we see, but we don’t know

Starting off this school year, there were many new things. New clothes, new shoes, new people, and… a new vice principal.

In the past couple months, students have seen her walking through the halls, reminding them to go to class and more. But what do students really know about the new vice principal, Alicia Shaw?

Ms. Shaw had many reasons to come to Banneker. She said she had worked with some of the science teachers at Banneker, which gave her some familiarity with the school. At her previous job in DCPS  central office, her workload was too inconsistent. As a vice principal at Banneker, there’s always something for her to do.

She wanted to find a way to support students and teachers in one location. She started off at Banneker by observing the school’s culture, strengths, and weaknesses; and has already begun on her plans for bettering Banneker.

Ms. Shaw has a love for education and students. Her passion started way before motherhood and her career in DCPS. Her dedication to help and improve the education system influenced her choice for her career path.

Before Banneker, she worked with the collective science department in the entirety of DCPS. But her transition to vice principal at the number one public high school was something truly significant: it allowed her to be more hands on and influence students.

Ms. Shaw’s characteristics also played a huge role when selecting her career. Having a cooperative, yet strong minded personality makes for a great vice principal. She is able to obtain the head principal’s lead, while still contributing with other ideas and decisions as needed.

“We have a good thing going on,” said Ms. Shaw.