Banneker Scavenger Hunt

Answer each question as you tour the school! Look for hints in the questions.

  • Who wrote the quote that starts as “Sir, I am fully sensible?” (4)
  • What HBCU’s are represented on the fourth floor?
  • Can you find the black ballerina around the school? If so, what is her name?
  • What rapper in the movie “Selma” is displayed? 
  • How many HBCUs are displayed in the front of the Guidance suite?
  • Who won the Coretta Scott King Award? (2)
  • What book did Rebecca Carey Rohan write?
  • What man is displayed on the right side of the hallway on the second floor?
  • What four women are displayed on the back side of the music room?
  • Who was the first Black person to serve as governor of the US’ Virgin Islands? (1)


  • What current teacher can you see on the mural outside of the gym?

Write your answers down on a sheet of paper by March 3rd and drop it off at Ms. Berke’s room on the 3rd floor (327)