The 3 – Week of March 6: 40th Gala; Title I Returns; Black History Month

1.Banneker’s 40th Anniversary Gala on March 9 is highly anticipated and requiring much preparation within Banneker.

What to know: Banneker’s 40th Anniversary Gala is garnering lots of attention and sponsors regionally who will gather to celebrate the wonderful academic high school. Many bright Banneker students will be leading tours of the school for alumni, sponsors and attendees.

Why the gala is important: This is the first gala held at Banneker and serves in many ways as the new building’s rise to glory. As sponsors and superintendents are going to be in attendance, Banneker’s radar and swath of influence will increase so that more young hearts and minds can be reached.

What will occur at the gala: Attendees will arrive and be given a quick 10 minute tour from Banneker students before meeting in the auditorium and then on the third floor to have a high class dinner. When  the night is over, attendees dressed to the nines will leave from their valet parked cars.


2. Students will now get free lunch, supper, and fee waivers due to the reinstatement of a program that provides assistance to DCPS students based on their families’ incomes.

What is it? Title 1 is a federal program that gives students that attend DCPS supper, free lunch and fee waivers because over 35% or more of families in a school community qualify for free and reduced lunch.

How did we get it back? Journalism students investigated the fact that we didn’t have Title 1 funds anymore. Ms. Berger explained that the “at risk” stats that determine Title 1 status from OSSE (Office of the State Superintendent of Education) were different from the data that DCPS had. The stats have since been corrected.

Why is it important? Title I gives students extra support financially. The funding that we would have received in the beginning will now be received in April, and all students will now receive free lunch and supper.


3.Banneker brought together all grades to host the annual Black History Month Assembly on February 28.

What took place: Two speakers from each grade level presented on poetry, hip hop, the African diaspora, and more. The theme was Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the program featured modeling, music and dance.

Why is it important? Banneker’s demographics are majority black and it is crucial for students to learn about their culture and heritage.