Wrapping Up an Undefeated Football Season


As the 2022-2023 flag football season comes to a close, here’s a recap of a few special moments between the girls and their opponents.

A few were asked to give their opinions and thoughts on the season and state anything they took away from the season.

Here’s what sophomore Kendal Trawick had to say, “This season has a put a plethora of hurdles in front of us be we’ve adapted to the challenge and created an astonishing team that I, honestly believe deserved our 14-0 season, but with the extensive amount of young talent we have, we’ll be there soon. I enjoyed the longer season honestly, it definitely allowed us to put Banneker on the map, especially after last years disappointing playoff game against Roosevelt. It definitely had its complications though, with school work and more extensive work on our body and mind to be firing on all cylinders after a long Banneker day.”

Isabel Alvarez exclaims, “I really appreciated the opportunity to try a new sport and get closer to a different group of people. It took a toll on my confidence at the beginning stages of getting used to a game I’ve never played. I was initially so focused on memorizing routes, however, as time progressed I became more comfortable with my abilities and really had fun on the field. The competition and adrenaline is amazing and I definitely am proud of myself and my team. I’m confident I will only get better next year.”

Serenity White says this: “This season for me was great, although yes I had my downs. Missing a month of the season really affected my confidence and growth as a player but once I got back into the groove, it was fine. My team all played with everything they had and I really appreciate them for that! We’ve grown so much as a family. This sport can be really hard on your body and also your mental. I’m disappointed we didn’t get what we earned this season but we will get it one day! Love the sport and I love what it has done for me.”

Mekal Mohamed, the team manager, took time to reflect on the season and here’s what he said: “It’s always Banneker vs the referees, no matter what sport, but it heavily impacted Banneker’s Girls Flag Football team in the semifinals against Coolidge, and it was unfair. But overall it was a great season. I truly believe we are a 14-0 team and the best team in the whole DCIAA. We had an amazing season with amazing players, coaches and managers of course. We were unstoppable!”

Lastly, Carmen Carryl, a first-time football player reflects on her time on the team saying, ” I think the season was great, watching you all play. I want to get better real bad and then next year get playtime and possibly become a starter! I rate it a 9/10.”

Although Banneker’s football season ended in the second round of the playoffs against Coolidge, they look forward to building the legacy next year.