What does Black History Mean to You?

    Black History Month
    Black History Month

    Music, dance, food, fashion, and the melanin in our skin, all play a part in our Black History. Since the beginning of time, African Americans have always been seen as minorities and were forced to create pathways for their community. Our history began in the 17th century after the arrival of African people to North America. For as long as we can remember, we have idolized dark chocolate skin, and our history has allowed us to realize that despite African Americans’ struggles, we have made a lasting impact on our world. We see this lasting impact through our sense of style, our foods, our music, our  inventions, and more that we have created. This is what black history means to US.

    Ayana Shaw

    Ayana Shaw, Senior – “I think black history month is important as it’s a reminder of the resilience of our ancestors who paved the way for future generations despite what we faced. The month allows us to celebrate our heritage and learn about significant people overlooked in history. I also feel it shouldn’t be limited to just a month.”

    I agree with Ayana that Black History Month should be recognized throughout the year since it is a milestone that I find significant for the same reasons as she does.



    Alayah Benjamin

    Alayah Benjamin, Senior- “Black History relies solely on African American culture being spread, taught, and celebrated worldwide. ”

    Alayah’s opinion resonates with many African American students everywhere. Likewise, this month, students and teachers honor the legacies of our ancestors. Oftentimes through the black history assemblies, poetry and even projects dedicated to our past ancestors.


    Thandi Kirk

    Thandi Kirk, Senior- “It means a month to celebrate black people and their accomplishments in life. It is essential because it allows us to recognize underappreciated people. My family and I attend church while wearing African clothing.”

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