Fall Sports Have Started


Paul Couts

Antonina Wenzler gets in position to serve the ball and hopefully get a point off of the serve. (An Ace)

Banneker fall sports have started off with different win ratios but are looking to improve and show out for the rest of the fall season.

So far, Banneker’s volleyball team has been leading the school to victory with a stellar 7-1 almost undefeated season with many more games to win.

Banneker volleyball games are entertaining. From the spikes to the chants that everyone participates in, attendees always leave the game with a smile on their face and laughter. Unless they are rooting for the other team, of course. 

Banneker’s soccer teams have been trying to match this success and improve in all aspects.  

Banneker’s girls soccer team celebrating a goal against Coolidge.

After losing their first game to School Without Walls (SWW), the Banneker girls turned the tables and have improved their record to 3-1.

The boys soccer team at halftime discussing how to make or break there 2-0 lead against Roosevelt.

Banneker’s boys soccer team are looking to improve and better their record after starting the season off with a 0-1-3 record. Although they haven’t won a game yet , they are making progress with Aiden Pierre scoring his and the team’s first goal of the season against SWW.

Banneker’s cross country team after finishing their first developmental race of the season.

Banneker’s cross country team had their first meet on September 27th and did very well despite not having enough people to be able to place on the team rankings.

The only girl that ran for Banneker in the meet, Joel Walker, received a medal for placing top 15 out of all the girls that ran. Also Aiden Pierre  received a medal for finishing in the 4th place out of 73 male runners.

Fall Sports have started, and are looking to make an impact.