Spirit Week 2022

Banneker’s Spirit Week has always been a long-awaited day in the school year. It features different personalities displayed through styles of clothing all through the week.

This year’s spirit week was nothing but pure fun. From the engaging music to the toy ducks and babies, amusing posters, and more, the class spirits were high!

For the first day of the week, students dressed up in formal tops and chill bottoms. These represented Zoom Fit Days, recalling times from Covid-19 lockdowns!

Tuesday was Twin Tuesday, where students dressed up in similar outfits as their friends.

Wednesday, students showcased their true creativity on Celebrity Day. They brought out the grills, the chains, outfits, shoes, accessories, and more!

On Thursday, the school was in a different era. The Bulldogs brought out their throwback outfits with the baggy clothes, band influences, hats, gold, and everything nice.

Friday!! Pep Rally Day!! Students wore their class colors, red for freshmen, white for sophomores, blue for juniors, and black for the seniors! They showed major support for their fellow classmates at the pep rally, which featured a fashion show hosted by the African Student Union, stunts from the lively cheerleading team, fun music, a grand 2023 class entrance, and a phenomenal performance by the dance team!