Winter World Cup


The globally watched phenomenon occurring once every 4 years, with 3.5 billion people in viewership, the World Cup, is highly anticipated and appreciated around the world. But at Banneker there are conflicted feelings. 

The holy grail of the soccer world, the opportunity to represent your country on the world stage, and advance to the final round of 16 is a highly contested blessing. Teams such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Brazil, England, Australia, and the United States viciously by for the title in Qatar this year. 

Starting in the winter for the first time ever, this unprecedented change was made to combat the Qatari heat. Now starting 11/20/2022 until 12/18/2022, this winter competition coincides with school scedules worldwide

Some students, ecstatic  for the Cup, follow the top flight European soccer leagues and are eager to see their favorite players chase national and global glory.

But others like Nevaeh Robinson, a sophomore on the varsity track and cheerleading teams, “couldn’t care less.”

The event draws 32 countries from 6 continents.

Edward Lara, a member of the varsity soccer team, takes it upon himself to watch the sport that is so intrinsic to his life.

“I watch and plan to watch every single game, even the ones as early as 4:00 a.m.,” says Lara, echoing the fact that many international viewers have to wake at odd hours to watch games.

America’s most popular sports are basketball and football and constitute much of its viewership and interest. But the World Cup is the most significant event in terms of world popularity.